Canon vs. Nikon Telephoto Lenses: If weight plays a major role

The table (sortable) and charts on this page may help you decide which telephoto lens to buy if the weight plays a major role.

It is kind of frustrating that the Canon lenses are about half to a full kilo lighter than the Nikon ones if you are an owner of Nikon equipment. For the weight of a Nikon 500mm you get a Canon 600mm…

4 thoughts on “Canon vs. Nikon Telephoto Lenses: If weight plays a major role

  1. It appears as though your legend is backwards. It shows Nikon to be the Purple/Magenta bars and Canon to be the Green bars on the charts. The charts show better focal_length to weight ratio as well as lower weight for given focal length for the Purple/Magenta bars which would imply Nikon is better in the weight to focal length category but that’s obviously not the case.

    • Thank you for pointing that out. I updated the page recently and didn’t notice, that I inverted the order of items in the legend. It’s corrected now.

  2. Thank you very much for this useful comparison. And additional graphic could be Dollar/lens mm: I think there Canon has a quite high coefficient..
    Then a very specific question for the 800 mm: did you try AF performance with the TC? and also AF 3D function? I have some doubt whether it will be that performant at aperture 7.1 e.g. where have you shot the mighty eagles? Thank you for your reply

    • Hi Martin

      I guess the currency/mm focal length would be an interesting measure. But I’m not really sure what prices to use, they can vary a lot from reseller to reseller. For example the official price for the Nikon 600mm in Switzerland is about 15000, but you can already get it for 9500 CHF.

      BTW: I’m not the same guy that wrote the 800mm review, so I can’t tell you anything about about its AF performance and the eagle location (Alaska?). I ‘only’ own the 600mm.

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