BIOS update with Linux Mint

Updating your BIOS on Linux Mint 19 can be as easy as on Windows. If your computer is listed on the Linux Vendor Firmware Service, then all you have to do is:

~ $ sudo apt install fwupd
~ $ fwupdmgr get-updates
~ $ fwupdmgr update

The firmware-manager might even get included in the next version of Linux Mint 20.

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  1. Hey Simon,
    after going through so many articles, I’m so thankful finding your post. It was indeed super easy and only required the three command lines. I wished this info would be easier to find on the internet.

    I did it ony my Dell XPS 13.

    I’m running Linux Mint 20.2 and unfortunately the firmware manager is still not included in this version (after pretty exactly 2 years after your article)

    1. Glad my post was helpful. I also have a Dell XPS 13 with a current Linux Mint. Very nice device 🙂

      Unfortunately, Clem seems to have forgotten about his reply in that post.