Using a Wacom pen tablet inside VirtualBox 6

I have the tablet wacom intuos pen & touch small CTH-480, which I wanted to use for photo editing in Adobe Lightroom. Since I work under Linux Mint 20, I have a virtual machine running Windows 10 and Lightroom Classic 10. Unfortunately, I got the pen to work as a mouse only by disabling it as an input device, which prevents the buttons from being configurable in the Wacom Desktop Center app.

Screenshot showing the Devices menu of VirtualBox. To use the pen as a mouse, I needed to disable the Wacom tablet in the USB settings. Unfortunately, this prevents detection by the Wacom Desktop Center app and as a consequence the buttons on the tablet can’t be configured.

If I turn the tablet in the USB settings on, the Wacom Desktop Center properly detects the tablet, but movements of the pen are not translated into mouse pointer movements.

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