Nikon D800: Beware of the 36 Megapixels

Have you ever laughed at the TV shows where they use a photo to investigate a crime and with the use of some piece of software they just can press the enhance button and then suddenly some detail appears magically out of nowhere? Laugh no longer. Below is just an innocent photo of a bird.

My First (Bird) Photos with Nikon D800 and 600mm f4

Only few talked about it being good for wildlife, most said it’s only for landscape, architecture or studio. Many would have preferred a lower pixel count and questioned whether it’s going to be of any use. But when shooting birds, especially small song birds, you never get close enough or can have enough pixels. So […]

REST with dojo and PHP: Notes on using dgrid with a caching store

I would like to share some (personal) pitfalls I came across when creating the demo REST with dojo and PHP: Demo of a dgrid observing changes to the JsonRest store: dojo/store/Observable only works correctly when the object has an id. Unfortunately, dojo/store/Memory.add(object) does not add the id to the object when creating it (as of […]

Canon vs. Nikon Telephoto Lenses: If weight plays a major role

The table (sortable) and charts on this page may help you decide which telephoto lens to buy if the weight plays a major role. It is kind of frustrating that the Canon lenses are about half to a full kilo lighter than the Nikon ones if you are an owner of Nikon equipment. For the […]

Yay, my first patch to the dojotoolkit got checked in !

While I’ve been working on my remote file explorer I noticed that the dijit tree remembers the state of opened/closed nodes but not of selections. So I filed a bug and created a patch, which got checked in yesterday.

How to read a Mac-formatted disk from Windows

More of a note to myself: Just download and install the free tool HFSExplorer from Catacombae. Then select “Load file system from file”. Please remember you need to be logged in as an administrator on Windows 7 or have elevated privileges to be able to read external USB drives.

Installing Xdebug on Windows and PhpStorm

There is a catch when installing Xdebug on windows: You need to set the full path of the extension directive in the php.ini, since the default directory is only used for non-zend extensions. Also don’t forget to use quotes. ;used only for ‘normal’ extensions extension_dir = “C:Program Files (x86)PHPext” ;still necessary to use full path […]

Why I love PhpStorm: SQL table aliases

Here’s another example for the reason why I like JetBrains PhpStorm so much: SQL code assist in the Database Console completes statements either in upper case or lower case depending on how you started typing, not to speak of understanding aliased tables when suggesting column names after typing a dot. More PhpStorm love: SQL GROUP […]

HTML5 tutorial: How to pause/resume a file upload

I wrote a HTML5 tutorial about ‘How to pause/resume a file upload‘ which just got published on I’m very happy and excited about having contributed something to mozilla aside from a few bug reports. I started working as a web developer in 1998 at the peak of the first browser war when it could […]

Dojo Demo: Multiple file uploading with pause/resume

Update 09.2013: You can also use the file picker (file input) now. I implemented a demo of a file uploader with dojo and PHP that lets you upload multiple files at once with drag and drop. The upload of each file can be paused/resumed thanks to the slice method of the new Blob interface. Download: […]