Review of Solmeta Geotagger N2 for Nikon

Geotagging your photos is very useful because it allows you to display your pictures on a map helping you remember where you took them. Furthermore, you can use reverse geocoding to automatically add location information (country, nearby places) to your image by using a webservice such as The good stuff The Solmeta Geotagger N2 …

Integration of phpDocumentor into Eclipse or Aptana

You can execute phpDocumentor directly from Aptana or Eclipse. The PHP-project you would like to document with phpDocumentor needs to be open and selected in eclipse before you start the following steps:

Check if node in tree is already selected

It took me a long time to figure out how to check if a node in a dijit.tree is already set to selected, when the user clicks on it. So I thought I share what I found out: dojo.connect(this.tree, ‘onMouseDown’, this, function(evt) { var node = dijit.getEnclosingWidget(; if (node.item == this.tree.attr(‘selectedItem’)) { console.debug(‘selected’); } });

Tutorial Part 1: REST with Dojo and PHP

I only started recently to dig into REST, so I’m in no way an expert in this field. There are not that many tutorials on the internet, and the ones I found were only of limited help. They all seemed to miss something or, rather, I missed something. So I decided to write my own …

Mozilla Testcase for DHMTL Performance

It started 2003 as a little project to learn the basics of 3D-programming and with a question on how to improve performance in the mozillaZine Forums. I was asked to file a bug (Bug 229391) and to create the Mozilla Testcase Slow (3D) DHTML performance compared to IE for it . From there it made it …