KEF LSX II on Linux: USB audio (IEC958) not loud enough

If the KEF LSX II speakers are connected to your Linux (Mint) PC via Digital Output (USB audio) instead of WiFi and the audio volume is not loud enough, it might be, that the gain of the internal sound card of the LSX II is set too low:

Black screen after updating nvidia driver

Updating the nvidia-driver on Linux (Mint) can lead to a black screen after boot. Here is how you can quickly revert to the previous working version: Press Ctrl + Alt + F1 and log into a the virtual console with your username and password (If that does not work, boot first into recovery mode, then …

How to use a YubiKey for two-factor autenthication on Linux Mint

This post will show you how to setup and use a YubiKey and the Yubico Authenticator application to sign in to a Microsoft Azure Cloud Account using Linux Mint 20 without the need for the Microsoft Authenticator being installed on your mobile phone: Yubico Authenticator desktop installation 1. Download and install the Yubico Authenticator AppImage:

How to Install the CnCNet Client on Linux

If you want to play the classic Games Red Alert 2 and Red Alert Yuri’s Revenge with multiplayer support on Linux (or other old Command and Conquer Games), you need to download and install the CnCNet Client. Here are the instructions on how to get CnCNet 5 working under Linux using Wine.

How to install SpectraView II on Linux (Mint 20)

NEC (now Sharp) provides a Linux Version of SpectraView II and a corresponding installation guide. Unfortunately, both are pretty outdated. They reference Ubuntu 14 as the latest version 🙁 . Even worse, the application depends on some Qt4 packages which are no longer available in a current Ubuntu/Mint installation. After digging around the internet I …

Using a Wacom pen tablet inside VirtualBox 6

I have the tablet wacom intuos pen & touch small CTH-480, which I wanted to use for photo editing in Adobe Lightroom. Since I work under Linux Mint 20, I have a virtual machine running Windows 10 and Lightroom Classic 10. Unfortunately, I got the pen to work as a mouse only by disabling it …

BIOS update with Linux Mint

Updating your BIOS on Linux Mint 19 can be as easy as on Windows. If your computer is listed on the Linux Vendor Firmware Service, then all you have to do is: ~ $ sudo apt install fwupd ~ $ fwupdmgr get-updates ~ $ fwupdmgr update The firmware-manager might even get included in the next …

Linux Mint 19.1: Lightning Calendar in English, but dates in the 24-hour time format

I like having the user interface of my Linux Mint 19.1 in English, but the regional settings such as numbers and currency in a different language such as Swiss German.

VirtualBox 6: How to enable symlinks for shared folders

For security reasons, creating symbolic links in a shared folder is disabled in the guest OS (ticket 10085 and manual 5.3 Shared Folders). If you trust your Linux guest OS, you can enable symlinking from the host OS with the following command: ~ $ VBoxManage setextradata “VM_Name” VBoxInternal2/SharedFoldersEnableSymlinksCreate/Folder_Name 1 Replace VM_Name and Folder_Name with your …

How to update Composer on Linux Mint 18.3

When you install Composer (the dependency manager for PHP) globally on Linux Mint 18.3 with the package manager… $ sudo apt install composer $ composer -V Composer version @package_branch_alias_version@ (1.0.0-beta2) 2016-03-27 16:00:34 …you’ll get the totally outdated version 1.0.0-beta2. The problem is that this version does not support extracting compressed package files ‘tar.gz’. It also …