Why I love PhpStorm: SQL GROUP BY handling

Here’s another post from my series why I love JetBrains PhpStorm. This is a SQL query, where I have I list of column names. The IDE not only marks the columns missing in the GROUP BY clause as errors, it also offers an option to fix it for you by adding them to the GROUP […]

Share VPN connection of Windows host with VirtualBox guest

Sharing the VPN connection of your host in VirtualBox works fine with NAT, but not with host only mode. The solution I found on morales-rodriguez.net is simple. Open an admin console on your windows7 host and execute the following: $ VBoxManage list vms Note that uuid or name in parenthesis of your VM and then: […]

How to automount your virtualbox shared folder to /var/www

After adding the shared folder Websites to fstab by adding the line Websites /var/www vboxsf rw,uid=33,gid=33 0 0 and giving the right permissions, I always got the following error during my virtual Linux Mint boot: keys:Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery All I had to do was add vboxsf on a […]

Linux Mint 17: Install php_oci

Quick cooking recipe to install PHP oci8 on Linux Mint 17 / 18. Download the Instant Client from the Oracle Website and follow the instructions at the bottom of the download page. Download the Instant Client SDK from the same location, unpack it and move the SDK folder to the same folder where the Instant […]

Linux beginners trick: mount root shell to read-write

If your Linux (Mint) fails to boot because you broke the /etc/fstab, for example, you’ll end up with a ready only root shell. The trick is to mount the root partition to as read-write without actually unmounting it: # mount -o remount,rw / After doing that, you wil be able to edit /etc/fstab, correct the […]

SQL tip: Update add instead of replace

A simple way to add to a database record instead of replacing it with Oracle: UPDATE myTable SET textField = :text||textField WHERE … This comes in handy, when you have a form field, which can be empty, but should not overwrite an existing record when posted (This should also be easily adapted to other SQL […]

Setup Lightning to work with Google Calendar

Quick installation guide to setup your Google Calendar in Thunderbird 31.2 with the Lightning Calendar Addon 3.3.1. You don’t even need to install the ‘Provider for Google Calendar’: Create a new calendar by right clicking on the calendar pane, then select ‘On the Network’ Select ‘CalDav’ as you remote calendar format and put the following […]

CSS Quick Tip: Line Breaks in Flexbox Multi-line mode

Took my quite a while to find this, because it’s hardly mentioned anywhere except as a note on the Mozilla Developer Network: When you are using a flexbox layout in multi-line mode (e.g. the ‘flex-wrap’ property is set to wrap), you can force flex items to start on a new line by setting the ‘page-break-before’ […]

Best Vector Format to Import/Export in LibreOffice

Quip tip: When creating illustrations with LibreOffice Draw I found the format “Star View Metafile (SVM)” to be the best choice for re-import in LibreOffice Writer.

List of Bird Species from Trip up to Rewa Head

Last year I traveled up to the Rewa River Head in Guyana. On the month long journey I was able to identify the following 104 bird species with the help of our guides: