Best way to transport your photo equipment including a 600mm/f4 lens


When traveling by airplane, the size of the case and the weight of the photo gear is usually a big problem. Currently, luggage size on international flights is limited to an overall length of 157 cm (length + width + depth) and weight is limited to 23kg. Carry-on is limited to 115 cm (56 + 36 + 23 cm) and weight to 5-12kg, depending on the airline.
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Nikon versus Canon lenses: If weight is important.


A few weeks ago Nikon announced the release of the new AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR. This is the first Nikon telephoto lens, which has basically the same weight as its Canon counterpart. It is Nikon’s lens with the best focal length to weight ratio. You get 176 mm per kilo. I also seems to offer superb image quality.  I updated the lens comparison charts accordingly.

Canon vs. Nikon Telephoto Lenses: If weight plays a major role

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The table (sortable) and charts on this page may help you decide which telephoto lens to buy if the weight plays a major role.

It is kind of frustrating that the Canon lenses are about half to a full kilo lighter than the Nikon ones if you are an owner of Nikon equipment. For the weight of a Nikon 500mm you get a Canon 600mm…