Why I love PhpStorm: JavaScript code completion with dojo

Just a quick post about the new PHP IDE by JetBrains. So far I’ve been working with Aptana Studio. I also tried NetBeans and Comodo Edit, but none was really satisfying, because either dojo or ftp support was missing (if I find time, I’ll write a post in more detail about the differences between those IDEs).

But now there is PhpStorm. I’m really impressed and enthused by its features, especially code completion for JavaScript. Since JavaScript is a loosely typed language, it’s difficult to write a good code assist. But PhpStorm just picks up everything.  For example, if I use dojo.hitch to set the scope of a function, it catches what ‘this’ refers to within the anonymous function !

Code Assist in action
PHPStorm’s amazing code assist in action. Notice that setting the scope with dojo.hitch is reflected in code assist!

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