Apache serves cached files with garbled text at end

When using Apache running on a VirtualBox machine with a shared folder, small files such as JavaScript or CSS files might not get updated from the host and served with additional characters at the end. This happens because of a bug in VirtualBox when Apache is using sendfile to improve data transfer. Just turn the […]

Use JSDoc 3 and PhpStorm to generate JavaScript documentation

This is an update to my former installation guide How to Generate JavaScript Documentation with JSDoc 3 and PhpStorm, which was written in 2013. Since then, JSDoc 3 moved from Mozilla’s Rhino to Node.js to generate the documentation, which is why that guide no longer works (unless you use an older version of JSDoc 3). […]

PhpStorm: Complete code versus complete current statement

Here are two useful keyboard shortcuts for PhpStorm which sound similar, but are quite different: complete code CTRL + SPACE will either finish your code if what you typed so far is unambiguous or otherwise offer a list to choose from. complete current statement CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER will add a semicolon at the […]

JavaScript tip: Shorten document.getElementById with Function.prototype.bind

I found this really nice one liner on Nick Desaulniers blog about Function.prototype.bind Edge Cases: // var byId = function(id) { return document.getElementById(id); } var byId = document.getElementById.bind(document); Love it!

How to load leaflet.js and leaflet plugins with dojo AMD

<script type=”text/javascript”> var dojoConfig = { baseUrl: ‘/lib’, async: true, packages: [ {name: ‘Leaflet’, location: ‘./Leaflet’} ], map: { // lets you switch between minified and source version of leaflet for development ‘*’: { ‘Leaflet/leaflet’: ‘Leaflet/leaflet-src’ } } }; </script> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”lib/dojo/dojo.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript”> require([ ‘require’, ‘Leaflet/leaflet’ ], function(require, L) { // load plugin […]

Boxplot renderer plugin for jqPlot

For work I needed a way to show boxplots (see diagram to the right) using the jqPlot library. All I had to do was override the draw() method of OHLCRenderer (see code below). Update 13.10.2017: Upon request I created a working demo of the BoxplotRenderer using some helper classes to setup jqPlot charts from another […]

How to import c3.js with the dojo AMD loader

I came across the nice chart library c3.js, which is based on d3.js. In order to load it via an AMD require call with dojo, you also need to set the main property in the dojoConfig, e.g.: dojoConfig = { packages: [ { name: ‘d3’, location: ‘../../../d3’, main: ‘d3’ } { name: ‘c3’, location: ‘../../../c3’, […]

How to use Google Maps API with Dojo and AMD

If you are using AMD or RequireJS for your JavaScripts and you would also like to use the Google Maps JavaScript API you have a problem. You can’t just require in the script file and then access the google.maps object from within your script, e.g.: require([‘http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?client=YOUR_CLIENT_ID’], function() { var myMap = new google.maps.Map(mapDiv, mapOptions); } […]

dGraph: a layered directed graph libray for the web

If you ever needed to visualize hierarchical data with JavaScript in the browser, the library dGraph will help you out. It will draw a layered directed graph as SVG based on the Sugiyama algorithm. Checkout dGraph from GitHub.

Quick tip: How to document a dojo AMD module for JSDoc 3

Unfortunately, JSDoc 3 does not fully support documenting AMD style modules that return a declare function, e.g.: define([‘dojo/_base/declare’], function(declare) { … return declare([], { … }); }); But with a bit of verbosity each module and the class will be properly documented: