CSS Quick Tip: Line Breaks in Flexbox Multi-line mode

Took my quite a while to find this, because it’s hardly mentioned anywhere except as a note on the Mozilla Developer Network: When you are using a flexbox layout in multi-line mode (e.g. the ‘flex-wrap’ property is set to wrap), you can force flex items to start on a new line by setting the ‘page-break-before’ …

Best Vector Format to Import/Export in LibreOffice

Quip tip: When creating illustrations with LibreOffice Draw I found the format “Star View Metafile (SVM)” to be the best choice for re-import in LibreOffice Writer.

List of Bird Species from Trip up to Rewa Head

Last year I traveled up to the Rewa River Head in Guyana. On the month long journey I was able to identify the following 104 bird species with the help of our guides:

Power off your SONOS Bridge

If you want to be able to turn off the power of your SONOS components without any hiccups when turning them back on later (e.g. prevent multiple use of the same IP in your local network), it seems advisable to reserve their IP addresses on your router. This is important especially in the case of …

Footwear for the jungle

When planing my trip to Guayana I was wondering what kind of shoes to bring in addition to my Teva Sandals. After reading through numerous blog posts and watching some videos including the excellent one by junglecrafty on Jungle Boots, I decided to buy OTB’s JungleLite Boots.

How to read a Mac-formatted disk from Windows

More of a note to myself: Just download and install the free tool HFSExplorer from Catacombae. Then select “Load file system from file”. Please remember you need to be logged in as an administrator on Windows 7 or have elevated privileges to be able to read external USB drives.

HTML5 tutorial: How to pause/resume a file upload

I wrote a HTML5 tutorial about ‘How to pause/resume a file upload‘ which just got published on hacks.mozilla.org. I’m very happy and excited about having contributed something to mozilla aside from a few bug reports. I started working as a web developer in 1998 at the peak of the first browser war when it could …