Linux Mint 19.1: Lightning Calendar in English, but dates in the 24-hour time format

I like having the user interface of my Linux Mint 19.1 in English, but the regional settings such as numbers and currency in a different language such as Swiss German.

Screenshot of the Language Settings dialog in Linux Mint 19.1

Unfortunately, the date and time settings are set as part of the Language Settings and can not be controlled individually (Update: This is no longer true for Linux Mint 19.3 where the time format can be set separately. See screenshot below :-). As a consequence, the Lightning Calendar extension in Thunderbird displays the time as a.m / p.m instead of the desired 24h time format.


Override the system setting of the time format by adding the following two lines to your .profile file:

export LC_TIME

You can find the text file .profile in you home folder (enable hidden files in Nemo first).

Linux Mint 19.3

In Linux Mint 19.3 the time format can now be set separately 🙂

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