Comparison of Nikon 300mm and 600mm with Teleconverter TC-14

I’ve always been skeptical when it came to teleconverters. The few times I used one I wasn’t really happy with the results, until now.

Buzzard in flight
Buzzard (Buteo buteo) flying away from a carcass (Nikon D800, 600mm/f4, 1/1600s at f5, ISO 2000). Downsampled from 4254×2836 pixels.

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Birds in Flight with the Nikon D800

Update 20.02.2014: The article is also available on Nikon Rumors now.

I just published an article on about Birds in Flight with the Nikon D800.

How to create exif statistics for your photos

If you have Adobe Bridge, you can display statistics such as how many times you used a certain focal length or which ISO speeds you use the most.

Adobe Bridge Screenshot
Screenshot of the Filter Panel in Adobe Bridge

But what if you wanted to use this information in another application or post it on your blog? Unfortunately, Bridge doesn’t let you export that information (or at least I couldn’t figure out how), and not everyone can afford Photoshop with Bridge anyway.

ExifTool to the rescue

Don’t worry there are free tools to achieve the same or even better:

ExifTool by Phil Harvey is the most powerful tool to read, edit and write any metadata of your photos. It can extract even more information from your exif data than Adobe Bridge itself, especially for proprietary RAW formats such as Nikon’s NEF.

Together with the Exif Stats Utility it allows you to extract any technical information stored in your photos you can think of, e.g. which lens or exposure time you used the most.

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dGraph: a layered directed graph libray for the web

If you ever needed to visualize hierarchical data with JavaScript in the browser, the library dGraph will help you out. It will draw a layered directed graph as SVG based on the Sugiyama algorithm. Checkout dGraph from GitHub.

Quick tip: How to document a dojo AMD module for JSDoc 3

Unfortunately, JSDoc 3 does not fully support documenting AMD style modules that return a declare function, e.g.:

define(['dojo/_base/declare'], function(declare) {
    return declare([], {

But with a bit of verbosity each module and the class will be properly documented:

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How to Generate JavaScript Documentation with JSDoc 3 and PhpStorm

This guide is outdated. I wrote the new tutorial Use JSDoc 3 and PhpStorm to generate JavaScript documentation

This is an update to my previous article How to create JavaScript documentation in PhpStorm, since the JsDoc Toolkit is no longer under active development. It got replaced by JSDoc 3, with better support for current coding practices, particularly the CommonJS Modules standard and also its improved format, Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD).

This guide should not only work for Jetbrains’ PhpStorm, but any IDE, such as Eclipse or Aptana, that lets you call an external tool with parameters. It is written for Windows 7, but should also work for Mac/Unix users with minor modifications. It assumes you have installed Java Runtime JRE 1.7 and added it to the Window system path.

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Weight comparison of super-telephoto lenses

I got invited by Nasim Mansurov from to write the guest post Canon vs Nikon Telephoto Lenses.

The guest post is based on charts that compare the weight of Canon and Nikon Telephoto Lenses.

Best way to transport your photo equipment including a 600mm/f4 lens

When traveling by airplane, the size of the case and the weight of the photo gear is usually a big problem. Currently, luggage size on international flights is limited to an overall length of 157 cm (length + width + depth) and weight is limited to 23kg. Carry-on is limited to 115 cm (56 + 36 + 23 cm) and weight to 5-12kg, depending on the airline.
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Nikon versus Canon lenses: If weight is important.

A few weeks ago Nikon announced the release of the new AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR. This is the first Nikon telephoto lens, which has basically the same weight as its Canon counterpart. It is Nikon’s lens with the best focal length to weight ratio. You get 176 mm per kilo. I also seems to offer superb image quality.  I updated the lens comparison charts accordingly.

Footwear for the jungle

When planing my trip to Guayana I was wondering what kind of shoes to bring in addition to my Teva Sandals. After reading through numerous blog posts and watching some videos including the excellent one by junglecrafty on Jungle Boots, I decided to buy OTB’s JungleLite Boots.

OTB JungleLite Boots
OTB’s JungeLite Boots are very light and comfortable.

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